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POTR Ocean Pots

Made from recycled fishing nets

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Eco Architecture for Thriving Plants

Designed with our environment in mind, POTR Pots redefine the plant pot for the 21st century.

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Rated 10/10 and voted best gift for the home 2021, these geometric beauties are so much more than simple plant pots.

The Independent

Meet the world's most sustainable plant pot. Designed with the environment in mind, these flat packed, self-watering pots are great for eco-conscious plant parents.

House Beautiful

A former Dyson designer has created plant pots that fold flat. It’s a great case study in reinventing a standard object to make it much, much more sustainable.

Fast Company
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The design has a carbon footprint significantly lower than traditional flower pots delivered as gifts.

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The flat-packed nature of POTR Pots also makes them better for the environment by reducing the amount of fuel needed during shipping.

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The true beauty of POTR Pots is that they’re self-watering. When your plant is thirsty, it’ll start drinking through the cotton cord using wicking technology.

Apartment Therapy


Take the guess work out of plant care. The cotton cord functions as a wicking straw, transferring water from the reservoir in the base of the pot to the soil surrounding your plant.

Recycled + Recyclable

Made from waste polypropylene destined for landfill, POTR Pots repurpose this material into long lasting, robust planters designed to last a lifetime.

Eco Flat Pack Postage

The perfect gift posted for free, directly through your letterbox. Sent with the smallest carbon footprint possible, enabled by our unique flat packed design.

POTR Ocean Pots

Made from recycled fishing nets saved from the sea, fighting ocean plastic waste one pot at a time. 10% of our profits are donated to Ghost Diving UK to fund ocean clean ups.

The POTR Family

A pot for every plant size, a colour for any interior.

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